BTS with USC Sororities, Rush 2018

School starts next week but most USC sorority members are already back, getting ready for the recruitment period (that’s newly in the spring this year instead of in the fall like is traditional). 

Powerhouse drove a food truck down to USC to give out free acai bowls to sorority sisters during recruitment school, along with gift bags perfect for every sorority girl complete with fun, useful items from our sponsors. Every girl went back to rush school with an Element shot glass, a free slice of pizza from Rance’s Chicago Pizza, discounts at Nail Garden and Fashion Greek, and a coupon from Tuck by Koli, the first cuff bracelet that’ll conceal your hair tie. And, some extra lucky girls walked away with a free bracelet, a catered pre-party at Element and a free shirt from Fashion Greek. Talk about a win!

The best part of the day though was hanging with you guys. And, while we were down there, we got to hear some behind the scenes stories from each sorority on what they were up to this summer and everything they’re looking forward to this year!

As always, USC is filled with students who love to travel, like Frances in AXO who spent her summer in Indonesia teaching English to kids. Or Lindsay in Gamma Phi Beta who had a killer internship at Cartier in Taiwan. And don’t forget Ashley in DG who hopped on a plane and headed to South Africa.

And just as cultured as they are successful, USC girls never fail to impress with their full resumes. Alyssa, a senior in ADPi, told us all about how she’s studying industrial civil engineering and hopes to work for Disney after graduating. And not to mention Caroline from Alpha Phi who says she’s excited for the year ahead so she can lock down her minor and is looking to take classes in either marketing or communication. 

Kappa and Theta stories


We’re thrilled for all you girls have accomplished and have coming up! We hope Powerhouse can continue to support you in it all! Thank you again for stopping by and see you soon!

We had a great time enjoying acai bowls and getting to know about what USC sororities and their members have been up to. Thank you to each of the sororities we hung out with, [sponsor], and each of our other sponsors below for helping to put this experience together and making it such a fun week!

The newest addition to the USC student housing community.

Bringing Chicago stuffed pizza to USC Village.

The fashion-forward and functional bracelet that conveniently hides your hair-tie.

The home of the Stadium Jersey and Instant Letters with NO surprises and NO extra fees! 

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